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The Future of Real Estate Marketing - Immersive 360 Tours
Written by Tiffany Drake Smith on June 1st 2016
The Fast and Easy Way to Prequalify Buyers and Promote Your Listings

Finally the technology is here to capture gorgeous interior photos AND present those images in a way that truly make sense to a buyer. Forget those "old school" virtual tours and get a real virtual tour from MatterPort. 

If you haven't seen one of these tours in person or watched the video above you're missing out!

Here's what you can do with a true 360 immersive tour from matterport!

1: See every square inch of the home, and even go outside onto decks and views!
2: Get floor-plans of each area of the home
3: See a "doll house" video of the entire property
4: Instantly answer questions for out of state buyers based on layout and features
5: Clearly pre-qualify buyers prior to scheduling showings, this helps tremendously on labor intensive homes and very large properties
6: Fully express the most unique aspects of your home without worrying about shaking video, scripts or boring dialogue, or video speed and playback resolution

The new matterport 360 tours are an amazing way to showcase a property. So whether you are a real estate agent or a seller who needs the best marketing possible then be sure to step up your marketing with the latest technologies!

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Author: Tiffany Drake Smith

With a background in interior design Tiffany doesn't hold back telling sellers where they've gone wrong in their home.
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